Magestro and Associates, LLC is an intervention and criminology consulting firm with a focus on high- risk youth and their families. The commonality between all the families and cases is the age of the youth. Magestro and Associates, LLC focuses on issues involving youth under age 25 in a variety of roles. These youth can be the victims or the perpetrators, or an unsuspecting accomplice.  There are three prongs to our company.

We work with youth and their families. Given the shift in teen’s thinking and lifestyle, many families find themselves in need of a professional with experience in both high-risk teen behaviors and criminology to assist them in navigating these waters. Magestro and Associates, LLC is an intervention firm that will stay with you during the crisis with your teen as well as the journey to get everyone on solid ground again. Many families feel they are going through these stormy waters alone with their teen.  In these difficult times, we have an increase of parents who feel they are losing control of their child or their child has turned into someone they suddenly do not know. Many youth today exhibit a strong sense of entitlement and lack motivation, or responsibility for their actions. Some totally lack reality, thus affecting their future earning potential as adults.

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